In the Pipeline


Over the past few months works have been going on at the Beckton Water Treatment plant that has involved the installation of some very large pipes.

The plastic pipes have been fabricated at a site on the edge of Pontoon Dock in the Royal Docks.

Pipe @ Pontoon Dock

However, this is some 5 miles from where the pipes are needed and they are too large to easily move by road without causing traffic chaos and significant disruption to local residents.

Fortunately the solution to the problem links both sites, namely the waterways of the Docks and river Thames – using the water allows the large, oversized, pipes to be moved with minimal disruption to the locals.

Royal Docks (3) 25-07-14

The final stage of the journey involves moving the pipes from the King George V lock and out in to the river – this part of the operation is being delivered by a local towage company GPS Marine.

GPS Racia + GPS Iberia (3) @ KGV Lock 14-07-14

The pipes are tied up alongside the dock edge waiting for the tugs, then the crews attach lines.

Pipe work (5) @ KGV Lock 14-07-14

Each of the pipe moves utilizes two tugs to control the pipe during the move – one to pull and one to brake.

GPS Racia + GPS Iberia (5) @ KGV Lock 14-07-14

Then it is off to Beckton for the pipe.

GPS Racia + GPS Iberia (9) @ KGV Lock 14-07-14

GPS Racia + GPS Iberia (12) @ KGV Lock 14-07-14


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