Powerboats in Royal Victoria Dock

After a gap of almost 30 years powerboat racing returned to the Royal Docks in March 2014.

P1 Panther Allam (6W) @ RVD 29-03-14

Organised by Powerboat P1 Management Ltd the UK racing series is just one of many across the world.

This event in the Royal Docks was a pre-season challenge meeting to enable the Powerboats and Jet Ski riders to kick off the season with a series of races in the Royal Victoria Dock. The Powerboats weren’t racing for championship points but instead for the Royal Victoria Cup.

P1 Panther Lycamobile (1W) @ RVD 29-03-14

A series of heats were run with the leading boats then going in to a final race off.

P1 SuperStock London Challenge trophy 2014 (5W) @ RVD 29-03-14

The King George V Lock was used as the base / pits area for the P1 Powerboats and a crane was used to lower the boats into the water.

P1 Panther IFX Racing (2W) @ KGV Lock 28-03-14

P1 Panther Hull Speed Ahead (1W) @ KGV Lock 28-03-14

A big advantage of the KGV Lock is that it is a calm water area with large areas of land with good road links and easy access to the waterside

P1 Panter (W) @ KGV Lock 27-03-14

… and plenty of room to do on the water checks and preparations.

P1 Panther Typhoo (4W) @ KGV Lock 28-03-14

More pictures can be found here: Powerboats

Hopefully the P1 Superstock team will return to the Royal Docks next year for a repeat event.

This year’s event drew big crowds and was well attended by the local community despite there being limited prior publicity.

More information on the UK P1 powerboat racing season can be found here: P1_Super_Stock


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