Sunborn London floating hotel

The Royal Docks previously played host to a Sunborn yacht hotel that was moored at the eastern end of the Excel exhibition centre until mid 2008 when it was sold on to new owners – this in part due to the eastern extension of the Excel centre taking shape.

In October 2013 it was announced that Sunborn were planning to bring a new yacht hotel to the Royal Docks and this one to be moored adjacent to the Western entrance to the Excel centre.

At the beginning of April 2014 the new hotel was brought up the Thames with the support of two Svitzer tugs.

Some more photos of her arrival in the lock can be seen here.

After a short pause in the KGV lock whilst waiting for London City Airport to close the hotel was moved to Pontoon Dock for several weeks whilst some fitting out work was done on the hotel and enabling works were completed on the quayside – this included the access gangway and steel mooring connectors.

Sunborn London (4) @ Royal Docks 25-07-14

The hotel is now moored alongside the dock wall and is open to guests offering very easy access to both Excel and the City and great views – but at a price.


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