Arsenal in the dock

A few weeks ago a certain North London football club launched their new kit by running a video display on the Thames in front of the London Eye.

Nothing that special about that apart from the projection was done on to a waterfall display – this uses a fine spray of water to create a virtual screen on to which images are displayed.

To achieve the desired effect a barge with the waterfall technology needed to be moored on the Thames and this is where the Royal Docks comes in.

The KGV Lock has been used for a number of event preparation activities over the years and for this event a tug, workboat and pontoon were needed. These were supplied by Livett’s Launches (boats) and General Marine (pontoon) – teamwork in action. Livett’s being well practiced in supporting water-borne events.

Once the barge was moored in the lock this was the cue for the arrival of the equipment and technicians from Innovision.

Once a couple of generators and a control cabin were craned into place along with lots of cables and pipes it was time to test the system.

Fortunately using the lock as a set-up point ensured a plentiful supply of the key raw material – water!

That, along with easy road access for the equipment and a safe environment for the crew makes the KGV lock an ideal place for such event preparation.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch an actual trial run but the end result looked impressive enough even if you could be forgiven for not giving the underlying technology a second look.

The end result can be seen here.


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