A right royal vista

The Royal Group of Docks in East London whilst having no connection with the Crown are more commonly referred to as the Royal Docks as each of the 3 docks is named after a Royal.

The docks themselves were built between 1850 and 1921 and have changed significantly over the years but the main feature, approximately 1 km2 of water, remains.

Royal Docks (1) 25-07-14

At the eastern end of the docks the main change has been the transformation of the central wharf area between the King George V and Royal Albert Dock in to London City Airport.

Whilst on the northern dock side the University of East London has set up a large campus.

UEL (1) @ Royal Docks 25-07-14

This will soon be joined by a new Asian Business Park development that has recently had phase 1 planning permission granted but is still a waste ground at the moment but does feature two impressive Grade II listed buildings – the Central Buffet and the Dock Masters office.

Central Buffet +  Dock Manager’s Office (1) @ Royal Docks 25-07-14

Moving further along the Royal Albert Dock you then approach the Connaught road and pedestrian bridges that cross over the cut linking the Eastern and Western parts of the dock complex.

Connaught Bridges (1) @ Royal Docks 25-07-14

Then it is in to the Royal Victoria Dock itself with the massive London Excel exhibition centre on the right and the Spillers Millennium Mill on the left with Canary Wharf in the distance providing the backdrop.

Royal Docks (5) 25-07-14

Both banks of the Western end of the Royal Victoria Dock still retain a number of cranes -representative of those that were once used for loading and unloading cargo ships.

Royal Docks (10) 25-07-14

The Royal Victoria Dock is also home to the Sunborn London floating yacht hotel – more details can be found here.

Finally at the Western end you find the Siemens Crystal sustainable innovation centre and Emirates Cable Car link to North Greenwich.

Royal Docks (13) 25-07-14

Royal Docks (14) 25-07-14

Royal Docks (15) 25-07-14

A few more pictures can be seen here.



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