Royal Docks – international trade hub

That was the aim and outcome when the Royal Docks were first conceived and built – to link London with far off lands to facilitate trade.

Now, 164 years later, the Royal Docks are still supporting international trade with distant lands – although the cargo is now of the self-loading variety (passengers).

G-LCYE + G-LCYP @ LCY 12-08-14

London City Airport opened in 1987 and continues to operate as a predominantly business travel airport – approximately 2/3 of passengers travelling for this purpose out of the 3m+ travellers each year.

OO-VLJ (9) @ LCY 25-07-14

The 1199 meter long runway is built on the wharf between the King George V and Royal Albert docks and provides the closest experience to landing on an aircraft carrier that most people will ever get – and great fun (if you like that sort of thing!).

G-LCYI @ LCY 12-08-14

LX-LGF (1) @ LCY 25-07-14

Whilst the ships have been replaced by planes and the bulk cargos by passengers the Royal Docks still is a link between London and the wider world and a boost to the economy.

G-LCYH (3) @ LCY 25-07-14

A post about the Royal Docks recently handling some ship-borne cargo can be seen here.

Some more pictures of the airport can be found here.


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