Last week a Hippo – this week a Jaguar!

The safe and secluded waters of the King George V lock in Newham once again provided the setting for the launch preparations for another product. See reports on the Hippo & Arsenal Kit for details of previous projects.

It all started on the Thursday with the tug Sea Challenge II bringing in pontoon HF-11 and Livett’s workboat Eddie C acting as safety boat.

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As with any such project there are lots of lorries, cranes and people involved and Star Events Group were providing the key enabling component – that being a mobile stage that arrived as a very long trailer.

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By Friday afternoon the stage had been transferred to the Pontoon and fitting out seemed to be progressing well – numerous generators to provide power for the lighting and other activities on the barge were in place too.

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Saturday lunchtime also saw the arrival of another element of launch with “the package”, covered in a shroud but clearly recognisable as a car. on a nice little landing craft.

Island Trader (3w) @ Gallions Reach 06-09-14

A further example of the new car made its way to the KGV Lock to be installed as the centerpiece of the floating stage.

Later on Saturday afternoon the tug Steven B arrived to tow the pontoon and stage up the Thames to the display location opposite the London Eye where the final preparations would be made. It was a bit of a tight fit but everyone and everything made it safely out on to the river.

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No wooden Hippo this one, just the world debut of the new Jaguar XE!

The launch itself took place at Earls Court and on the river Thames on the evening of Monday 8th September. A link to a video of the launch can be found here.

So, another major event project for the KGV Lock was successfully completed – looking forward to the next time.


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