Par for the course

In what has become a bit of a theme recently the King George V lock has once again been used as the site for the preparation of another corporate PR event.

This time it was for the bank Santander as part of a holiday competition where golfer Rory McIlroy will select the winner’s destination by hitting a golf ball at a map of the world.

Target (7)

For added visual impact this was to be done on the river Thames with Tower Bridge as the backdrop but the fact is that the river isn’t a great place from which to drive a golf ball let alone erecting a target – so a couple of floating pontoons would be required.

Target (3)So, KGV lock becomes the location for the rigging up of two pontoons – a smaller one with a target for Rory to aim for (which will be revealed after a bit of brand promotion) and a large one that was fitted out with artificial grass and various set dressings to give the semblance of a golf course from which Rory will take the swing.

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Various other trappings of the PR game were also being tested at the lock prior to being shifted to the display site with all the work overseen by workboat Eddie C acting as safety boat.

Eddie C

The actual tow of the two pontoons took place after dark and again used the services of local tug Sea Challenge II to move them to the display location just upstream of Tower Bridge.

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After the event the tug and pontoons returned to the KGV lock to be dismantled – for this arrival the weather was much better for photography so some additional pictures are included below:

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Congratulations to the competition winners – enjoy your trips.

Eddie C + Santander Pontoons (2w) @ KGV Lock 18-09-14


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