There’s water in London’s Royal Docks!!

Really?  You don’t say!!

Not a deduction that is going to have Sherlock quaking in his boots it must be said but there has been a special bottle of water visiting the Royal Docks for the last 24 hours – the Totally Thames source to sea relay had arrived.

This particular water was taken from the source of the Thames in Gloucestershire and is making a 200+ mile trip using a variety of modes of transport and calling in at various locations along its journey to the sea, out in the Thames estuary.

The Crystal (6) @ Royal Docks 25-07-14

The bottle had arrived at the Crystal on the 39th day of its epic trip via a short hop on a Thames Clipper and then a ride on the cable car to arrive at its overnight resting point located in the Royal Docks.

Royal Docks (14) 25-07-14

The next day there was a quick chance for some photos for the album before starting the next leg of the relay.

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The bottle was about to spend a few days at the Thames Barrier but, in a late change to the plans, rather than going back across on the cable car to the river, the Sea Cadets from the Royal Victoria Docks Boat Station volunteered to take the bottle in their RIBs along the length of the docks and out on to the Thames via the lock at Gallions Point marina.

Sea Cadets RIBs approaching pickup point through Royal Docks

Sea Cadets RIBs approaching pickup point through Royal Docks

The handover of the S2S bottle takes place:

It was fitting that the bottle travelled through the docks as they are very much part of the history and future of the Thames, being full of Thames water. Now, whilst only connected via two locks at the Eastern end, previously there was a lock at the Western end effectively making Silvertown and North Woolwich an island.

On the way through the docks the bottle passed the SS Robin – one of three, top-tier, historic ships in London – and then past London City Airport.

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Finally it was under the eastern road bridge passing close by the KGV lock where the Thames Festival’s HippopoThames was born.

Then it was out in to the River Thames for the bottle for a trip up to the Thames Barrier where it will spend a few days before heading off seawards on its special journey.

It was good that the source to sea relay came through the Royal Docks but it was a pity that there wasn’t more publicity of the event from the local organisations that have a remit to promote the area – a missed opportunity – hopefully they will try harder next time.


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