Bonjour Matelot

Sunday 9th November saw the arrival in London of the French Navy patrol vessel Pluvier – one of three Flamant class Offshore Patrol Vessels that perform a similar function to the Royal Navy’s own River class OPV such as HMS Severn that is also currently visiting London.

FS Pluvier P678 (6) @ Gallions Reach 09-11-14

The reason for today’s visit is to enable the crew to take part in Remembrance Day events and it has become something of a fixture over the last four years that the French Navy has been represented.

FS Cormoran P677 (4) @ Gallions Reach 17-06-14

Equally it has also become a regular event that a French naval vessel has visited London during June to commemorate the WW2 speech by General de Gaulle.

FS Premier-Maître L'Her F792 @ Gallions Reach 15-06-12

In addition to these two special occasions the French Navy have been regular visitors to London, especially since the signing of a new Anglo-French defence agreement a few years ago.

FS Commandant Blaison F793 @ Gallions Reach 21-06-11

We have been fortunate to have a wide variety of vessels visit from Destroyers to Minesweepers and Patrol Boats to Training Ships – indeed, back in 2013 all eight Training Ships of the Leopard class paid a visit to London.

FS Tigre A754 @ Gallions Reach 03-06-13

Hopefully the regular visits of the French Navy to London continue for many years to come.

Pictures of other French Navy ships can be seen here.


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