Party on the Thames

The Thames in central London sees a wide variety of tourist sight-seeing, river-bus and party boats and fortunately for me a significant number of the party boats make occasional forays out as far as Gallions Reach, which brings them in scope for my blog.

Erasmus @ Gallions Reach 04-06-12

Some of these party cruises are charters by specific individuals or organisations whilst others are open to general admission but all are concerned with the participants having a good time and perhaps for many on board the landscape they are passing is of little concern.

Royal Princess @ Gallions Reach 20-06-12

What is interesting is that a number of the vessels are quite old and have historic significance – so much so that they feature on the National Historic Ships UK register and it is great to see these vessels still plying their trade on the Thames given that some are around 100 years old.

Hurlingham (1) @ Gallions Reach 14-09-14

Sometimes we even get a visit from one of the Thames based paddle steamers – always an interesting sight to see.

Elizabethan @ Gallions Reach 22-05-12

That said, all the boats of different shapes and sizes from whichever operating company are always welcome to visit as it adds to the variety of traffic that we see on the Thames.

Golden Jubilee @ Gallions Reach 16-08-14

As many of these party trips are evening events the shorter days limit the opportunities to take photographs but I hope the summer sunsets are seen by some of those on board.

Mercedes @ Gallions Reach 21-06-14

Some more photos can be seen here.


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