P1 Superstock returns to Royal Docks 8th May 2015 (sort of)

Update 8th May 2015

So the day finally arrived for the 2015 P1 Superstock season launch in London.

P1 Panther Arthur J Gallagher  (1) @ KGV Lock 07-05-15

Sadly the originally planned 2 day event was dropped in favour of a single day press launch. To support this a number of the P1 Panther powerboats arrived in the Royal Docks on the Thursday afternoon ready for the events the following day.

2015 P1 Superstock boats

A few more boats arrived on the Friday morning and 6 of them were launched to take part in the support activity of providing experience rides to the media, sponsors and others.

P1 Panther Typhoo (2) @ KGV Lock 08-05-15

The Lycamobile boat was the first to head out:

P1 Panther Lycamobile (3) @ KGV Lock 08-05-15

Some of the crews seen in the pit area whilst waiting for their boats to be launched:

P1 Panther Crew (2) @ KGV Lock 08-05-15

The business end of a P1 Panther:

P1 Panther Arthur J Gallagher (1) @ KGV Lock 08-05-15

One of the boats created a bit of a smoke screen:

P1 Panther Pertemps (2) @ KGV Lock 08-05-15

The boats start to make their way to the Royal Victoria Dock:

P1 Panther Visit Wales (5) @ KGV Lock 08-05-15

P1 Panther Quantum Racing (2) @ KGV Lock 08-05-15

P1 Panther Typhoo (5) @ KGV Lock 08-05-15

A real shame that there wasn’t a public event like last year as the racing was exciting to watch and attracted large crowds – 2014 race day.

Funnily the event was advertised as being at “London Victoria’s Royal Docks” – close but not quite right and definitely not trips along the river Thames as was also suggested :o)

P1 Panthers (1) @ KGV Dock 08-05-15

Hopefully the residents of London’s Royal Docks will be treated to some actual racing next year – fingers crossed.


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