Is this a castle which I see before me?

Yes, there is a castle in the river – actually the preserved, historic paddle steamer, the PS Tattershall Castle.

Once in operation as a passenger ferry across the Humber river and more recently as a bar and entertainments venue along the Thames Embankment in London this fine old lady is off for some refurbishment in Hull.

Tattershall Castle (2) @ Woolwich 19-01-15

She is no longer able to make the trip under her own power so needed the assistance of various tugs to help her reach her destination.

Tattershall Castle (3) @ Woolwich 19-01-15

The first stage of the trip was from Embankment to Woolwich with the assistance of local river tugs Gray Vixen, GPS Ionia and GPS Iberia. At Woolwich the anchor was removed and final preparations for the sea voyage were made.

After a couple of nights in Woolwich the second leg of the tow to Hull was undertaken by GPS Avenger assisted as far as Gravesend by the tug Horton.

Tattershall Castle (2) @ Woolwich 21-01-15

GPS Avenger towing PS Tattershall Castle @ Woolwich 21-01-15

A little more background can be found here and a few more photos can be found here.


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