Drama in the Docks!!

Shortly before 1200 on Monday 2nd February 2015 an incident occurred in the King George V dock in Newham, London.

Reports suggest that a vehicle entered the water and this triggered a significant response from both London City Airport and landside emergency services.

The Met Police Air Support Unit were quickly on scene providing over-watch and search capabilities if they were needed.

G-MPSA @ Gallions Reach 02-02-15

In addition three City Airport crash vehicles and the rescue boat were deployed on the airport property and numerous Police, Fire and Ambulance vehicles deployed to the bridge and dockside areas to provide assistance.

London City Airport Rescue (6) @ KGV Dock 02-02-15

Police (2) @ KGV Dock 02-02-15

Police (4) @ KGV Dock 02-02-15

Reports suggest that the driver was retrieved from the water with no significant injuries.

Great teamwork and a successful outcome – a few more pictures here.


3 thoughts on “Drama in the Docks!!

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