Teamwork in the Royal Docks

In preparation for the Jaguar XF launch event taking place in the Royal Docks the KGV Lock saw the first visit by latest addition to the Livett’s Group fleet, the tug Thames Vixen (although she has been busy working and hasn’t yet had the new paint scheme applied).

Thames Vixen (1) @ KGV Lock 20-03-15

The Vixen brought in the large HF11 pontoon, owned by General Marine, and was also accompanied by the Livett’s Group workboat Artemis.

Thames Vixen (1) @ KGV Dock 20-03-15

Thames Vixen (3) @ KGV Dock 20-03-15

After transiting the lock Vixen took the pontoon up to the appropriately named Pontoon Dock.

As part of the same project the Port of London Authority salvage vessel Hookness also made the transit through the lock on its way to the docks – it was accompanied by its workboat Cutter3.

Hookness (7) @ KGV Lock 20-03-15

Hookness (14) @ KGV Lock 20-03-15

Cutter 3 (1) @ KGV Lock 20-03-15

There might not be many more visits to the Royals by Hookness as it will soon be replaced with a new vessel in the PLA fleet – hopefully the new maintenance vessel London Titan will make an early visit to the docks.

Hookness (4) @ KGV Dock 20-03-15

Today was a good example of how a number of different London marine organisations came together to deliver a project.

Thames Vixen (16) @ KGV Lock 20-03-15

A few more pictures can be seen here.


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