Things that go bang in the night

The river Thames has once again provided the setting for filming part of a new drama series commissioned by Sky TV called “The Lucky Man”. The new drama series has included a number of filming activities on the Thames and in the Royal Docks in recent weeks.

Targa 31 @ Gallions Reach 15-04-15

Livett’s Group Targa 31 heading back to base after working in Royal Docks

The new show was created by comic book writing legend Stan Lee and stars James Nesbitt as a London detective that gains special powers. The drama, being produced by Carnival Films will comprise ten 60 minute episodes and is due to air sometime in 2016.

The current cause of excitement (or disturbance depending on your point of view!) has involved three nights of filming at Gallions Point Marina and on the river – the latter part of which included a night-time boat chase between a speed boat and a police launch with simulated gunfire being exchanged between the vessels but much of the action seems to have taken place between the Thames Barrier and Greenwich .

London-based Livett’s Group have been involved in the production making use of their boat ‘Targa 31’ which is made up to resemble the Met Police’s Targa river patrol boats. The Targa has been used to shoot scenes in Greenwich and the Royal Docks recently and is now doing a turn on the Thames.

Targa 31 @ GPM 19-04-15

Targa 31 getting ready to move in to position for filming

A few days before the main shoot a number of Livett’s group camera boats moved up to hold at Gallions Point Marina – with Delta Lima, Lima III, Lima Lima I, and Targa 31 accompanying the speedboat ‘Aristocat’ that will presumably be acting as the “target” boat.

Delta Lima + Lima III + Aristocat @ Gallions Reach 17-04-15

Livett’s Group camera boats and Speedboat Aristocat heading to Gallions Point Marina for filming operations

Lima Lima I @ GPM 18-04-15

Livett’s Group camera boat Lima Lima I in Gallions Point Marina for filming work

Speedboat Aristocat leaves the Royal Docks after completing filming

A series of scenes have been shot within the Marina itself which provides an ideal filming location with both waterside and land-side locations and with the London skyline as a backdrop.

Filming (3) @ GPM 19-04-15

Film crew working in Gallions Point Marina during the nighttime shoot

Filming (4) @ GPM 19-04-15

Film crew at work with the Canary Wharf skyline in the background

As the filming took place at night and away from public areas this has unfortunately restricted the number of pictures of the local activity.

Looking forward to seeing the final result next year and likely there will be more filming to come across various London locations.

The Sky TV press release can be seen here.


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