Shakedog pulls the plug

Another day and another marine engineering project makes use of the facilities at the King George V lock in London’s Royal Docks.

This time it was the turn of CPBS Marine Services to visit with their multicat Shakedog. This visit was especially interesting given that Shakedog had only just come out of drydock having had a new crane attachment fitted – this was going to be the first real test!

Shakedog (5) @ KGV Lock 06-05-15

The task was a 4 ton metal plug that needed to be taken to a work site alongside the river in central London and the river was the ideal way to transport this oversized load.

The first task was to get the plug (or spaceship as somebody was overheard to say!) down to the KGV lock and so Emerson Crane Hire, who are a specialist transport company, were given the task and after some skillful maneuvering they safely got the plug to the dockside.

The Load (4) @ KGV Lock 06-05-15

Shakedog then quickly came alongside the loading area – the straps were secured and the load was swiftly and safely transferred from lorry to Shakedog’s flatbed.

Shakedog (16) @ KGV Lock 06-05-15

Shakedog (22) @ KGV Lock 06-05-15

Shakedog (31) @ KGV Lock 06-05-15

The it was the quick task of transiting out of the lock before heading off to the work site – job done in less than an hour.

Shakedog (55) @ KGV Lock 06-05-15

A few more pictures can be seen here.


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