Art in the Dock (and at the Dome) – The Line, London

Work No. 700 + Vulcan (1) @ RVD 22-05-15

Work No. 700 + Vulcan @ Royal Victoria Dock

A new, large-scale, public art exhibition has been launched in East London called ‘The Line’ – so called as the installations are located close to the line of the prime meridian that runs through the Greenwich peninsula and up the Lea Valley towards the Olympic Park and beyond.

Various sculptures have been placed along a trail that starts at the O2 arena and then continues up the Lea Valley to Stratford via a detour to Royal Victoria Dock. The Dock is not actually on the prime meridian but does have the Cable Car and DLR links that are necessary to connect the Southern and Northern parts of the route.

Consolidator #654321 (3) @ RVD 22-05-15

There will be four installations at the Western end of the Royal Victoria Dock and all are very industrial in nature and thus have a good connection to history of the area. I was only able to see three pieces at the time of my visit as the final installation hadn’t yet received planning permission.

It is to be hoped that the signage is improved after the official launch as the casual passer-by might easily miss something.

Vulcan (2) @ RVD 22-05-15

Vulcan by Eduardo Paolozzi

Work No. 700 (1) @ RVD 22-05-15

Work No. 700 by Martin Creed

Consolidator #654321 (1) @ RVD 22-05-15

Consolidator #654321 by Sterling Ruby

A further four pieces of artwork that form part of the ‘The Line’ can be found located along the Thames Path around the Millennium Dome (The O2) in North Greenwich.

These are ‘Here’ which is a Signpost showing the distance back to itself traveling around the surface of the globe from North to South – now that it is sitting next to the Prime Meridian and facing East the numbers are a bit out.

Here (The Line London) (2) @ North Greenwich 18-06-15

Here by Thomson & Craighead

The next stop is ‘A Slice of Reality’ which has been situated in the Thames for many years and has now been absorbed into this project – it is what remains of the sand dredger Arco Trent and her sister ships still visit the Thames (see here for a report).

A Slice of Reality (The Line London) (1) @ North Greenwich 18-06-15

A Slice of Reality by Richard Wilson

You then encounter ‘Liberty Grip’ and in the distance you can just make out the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower which is located close to the end point of The Line.

Liberty Grip (The Line London) @ North Greenwich 18-06-15

Liberty Grip by Gary Hume

Finally you reach another of the long standing installations that has been adopted by The Line, namely Antony Gormley’s Quantum Cloud.

Quantum Cloud (The Line London) (2) @ North Greenwich 18-06-15

Quantum Cloud by Antony Gormley

More details about the project can be found here and some more pictures can be seen here.

Work No. 700 + Vulcan (5) @ RVD 22-05-15


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