Thames tall ships festival

So another Sail Royal Greenwich event comes to a close with a parade of sail comprising most of the attending ships.

Mercedes + Loth Lorien (2) @ Gallions Reach 31-08-15

The parade was led by the Portuguese 4 masted ship the Santa Maria Manuela although something must have got lost in translation as she wasn’t carrying any sails today, which was a shame.

Santa Maria Manueka (3) @ Gallions Reach 31-08-15

Many of the ships are regular visitors to the Thames but are a welcome sight along the river.

Morgenster (3) @ Gallions Reach 31-08-15

Eldorado (3) @ Gallions Reach 31-08-15

Oosterschelde (3) @ Gallions Reach 31-08-15

The festival included thirteen ships based at Woolwich Arsenal pier and two at Greenwich ship tier – a full list of the ships that attended can seen here and more photos here. Already looking forward to the next event.

Also visiting London during this time were three other tall ships that were not connected to the SRG event and these were:

CNS Esmeralda (5) @ Gallions Reach 30-08-15

La Grace (5) @ Gallions Reach 25-08-15

Lord Nelson (2) @ Gallions Reach 26-08-15

This isn’t the end of the tall ships visiting London though as in the coming weeks the following vessels are expected to visit:


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