Dutch Marines Rowing Challenge

The Royal Dutch Marine Corp is celebrating the 350th anniversary of it’s formation during 2015 and as part of the events to mark the occasion it was decided that a suitable way of celebrating the milestone was required.

Like Marines the world over a simple, quiet, easy event would just not do – so, why not row 350km from Rotterdam to London in 8 man rowing skiffs…. and so the DMRC2015 was born!

DMRC (11) @ Gallions Reach 11-09-15

After rowing across the North Sea the teams arrived on the Thames on Friday 11th September and here are some pictures of the rowers and their support craft.

DMRC (1) @ Gallions Reach 11-09-15

DMRC (13) @ Gallions Reach 11-09-15

DMRC (16) @ Gallions Reach 11-09-15

The support teams were based on HNLMS Johan de Witt and used two of her Landing Craft for logistics support to the rowers.

HNLMS Johan de Witt L801 (4) @ Gallions Reach 11-09-15

For the trip up the Thames the British Royal Marines provided an escort of three Offshore Raiding Craft.

DMRC (10) @ Gallions Reach 11-09-15

An amazing effort by all concerned – very well done!. A few more pictures can be seen here.


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