New Bulldog on the block

Thames based marine engineering company CPBS Marine Services recently added a new multi-purpose vessel to their fleet named Bulldog and on what is believed to be its first commercial tasking it visited the King George V lock in the Royal Docks to load some equipment.

Bulldog (8) @ KGV Lock 09-10-15

Designed and built in the Netherlands she is ideal for working inland waterways such as the Thames and has a large deck area for transporting material or to be used as a workspace and she is also fitted with a crane and winches.

Bulldog (7) @ KGV Lock 09-10-15

Bulldog (5) @ KGV Lock 09-10-15

Another feature of this type of vessel is that the wheelhouse is mounted on a hydraulic lift which provides clear sightlines at the worksite but also reduces the headroom required for passing under bridges on the tidal Thames.

Bulldog (1) @ KGV Lock 09-10-15

The KGV Lock was an idea location for Bulldog’s first loading operation as the enclosed waters provided a wash-free environment for the crew to familiarise themselves with the operation of the vessel without impacting on other river users.

Bulldog (12) @ KGV Lock 09-10-15

Once loaded with a variety of equipment and materials it was back out on the river and off to work.

Bulldog (16) @ KGV Lock 09-10-15


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