Boats in the Royals!!

In what is an all too infrequent event the Royal Group of Docks in the east end of London has seen a large number of boats gracing the waters.

Sunseeker 68 Sport Yacht (1) @ KGV Lock 15-12-15

Whilst these are small luxury motor yachts rather than the cargo ships of days gone by it is none the less good that the waters are busy once more.

Sunseeker Manhattan 55 Yacht (1) @ KGV Lock 15-12-15

The reason for the flurry of activity is that the first arrivals for the London Boat Show 2016 have made their way to London.

Whilst the show itself doesn’t open until 8th January 2016 it takes quite a bit of time to set up the show as the majority of the boats are exhibited inside the ExCel exhibition centre.

The first group to arrive was a contingent of Sunseeker yachts, plus a solitary Princess yacht.

Sunseeker yachts (1) in KGV Lock 15-12-15

These were followed the next day by single examples from both Pearl and Prestige yachts along with further Princess yachts.

Pearl 75 (3) @ KGV Lock 16-12-15

Prestige 680 (8) @ KGV Lock 16-12-15 Princess 52 (1) @ KGV Lock 16-12-15

There will be a few more arrivals by water over the coming weeks and a large number of exhibits will arrive by road.

Princess 56 (4) @ KGV Lock 16-12-15

This is a video of the second group passing through the bascule bridge.

The final big yacht to arrive for the show was the Sunseeker 131 – arriving for its official launch at the show.

Sunseeker 131 (6) @ Gallions Reach 06-01-16

More pictures can be seen here.






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