Cleaning up at Gallions Reach

Saturday 5th March saw another of the occasional river Thames foreshore clean up events that are organised by the charity Thames21 that works with communities and volunteers across Greater London to help keep the Thames tidy.

T21 (37w) @ GP 05-03-16

Cleaning the Thames under wintry skies

Thames21 works closely with the Port of London Authority in support of their #ClearnerThames campaign which aims to reduce the amount of rubbish ending up in the Thames. The PLA also provide the rubbish cages that are used to remove all the rubbish that is collected.

T21 (2.5w) @ GP 05-03-16

Thames21 getting ready for anther cleaning session

Whilst not the warmest or driest day on record over a dozen people turned up to lend a hand at clearing up foreshore – as the banks of the tidal Thames can be a dangerous place a safety briefing was provided before they set off to see what they could find.

T21 (7w) @ GP 05-03-16

It was not long before the first items were being brought back to the collector cage and then the rubbish was coming from all directions!!

T21 (14w) @ GP 05-03-16

Tyre from the Thames

T21 (17w) @ GP 05-03-16

Cables, rope and rubbish

Whilst the rubbish collecting was going on on the foreshore a Cory tug headed back up river going to collect another load of commercial rubbish.

T21 (27w) @ GP 05-03-16

What a load of rubbish

One of the volunteers really got stuck in to the job – literally!! Fortunately the lady was soon free and straight back to helping the team tackle the next bit of rubbish.

T21 (39w) @ GP 05-03-16

Getting stuck in!

T21 (47w) @ GP 05-03-16


During the session some time was also spent collecting rubbish from the bushes along the high water mark as the plastic bottles and tin cans are a hazard to the wildlife living on and in the river.

T21 (48w) @ GP 05-03-16

Litter removal

As the session was coming to an end there was a flypast by three Cormorants – obviously showing their appreciation to the volunteers helping keep their home clean and tidy.

T21 (51w) @ GP 05-03-16

At the end of the session the team were happy, if a bit muddy, with a full cage of rubbish.

T21 (54w) @ GP 05-03-16

Muddy litter pickers

Similar events regularly take place along the river throughout the year and details can be found on the Thames21 website and hopefully the team will visit Gallions Point again soon.

T21 (40w) @ GP 05-03-16

One of the Thames21 team watching the volunteers

Some more pictures can be seen here.







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