Oceans 16

Every two years the Oceanology International event takes place at London’s ExCel exhibition center in the Royal Docks. It is a marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference that makes use of the water space in the docks for displaying vessels and equipment in a working environment.

OI2016 (1) @ Royal Docks 13-03-16

This time a variety of vessels are taking part that include a Lithuanian University research vessel, the RV Mintis. Mintis (3) @ Royal Docks 12-03-16

Various survey craft including the MV Northern Wind and the MV Libertas.

Northern Wind (5) @ Royal Docks 13-03-16 Libertas (5) @ Royal Docks 13-03-16

As well as the luxury yacht Sanssouci Star.

Sanssouci Star (1) @ Royal Docks 13-03-16

All the boats will be alongside ExCel during the event that runs from 15th – 17th March 2016.

This short video shows three of the vessels making their way in to the Royal Docks.

More pictures can be seen here.



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