Bulldog becomes a boxer

The KGV Lock in London’s Royal Docks is used on a fairly regular basis as a loading point for a variety of stores and equipment that are then used elsewhere along the Thames in London for a variety of marine engineering projects.

It is perhaps surprising given it’s location close to the motorway network and the facilities available that it is not used more as part of the wider agenda for helping to keep lorries off London’s roads.

However, London based Company CPBS Marine Services once again sent it’s muli-purpose vessel Bulldog down to KGV Lock to collect some equipment.

Bulldog (3) @ KGV  14-05-16

On arrival at the Lock Bulldog then had to position herself alongside the loading area – a short video shows how maneuverable she is, being able to rotate within her own length.

Once in position alongside the dock edge she was ready to load an equipment container and other equipment belonging to UMC International. The box was brought in by road haulage service contractor Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd.

Bulldog (10) @ KGV  14-05-16

First to be unloaded was a compressor which was transferred directly from the back of the lorry on to the deck of Bulldog which then used it’s own crane to move it in to a parking spot.

Lorry (11) @ KGV  14-05-16

Then it was the turn of the main equipment box to be loaded.

Bulldog (16) @ KGV  14-05-16

Soon Bulldog was loaded up with the box and was then ready to head off up the Thames to the work-site.

Bulldog (19) @ KGV  14-05-16

A few more pictures from the project can be seen here.


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