Forth Trojan visits the Royal Docks

The KGV lock gets a fair amount of boats passing through and the majority are locally based in the London area but every now and then a visitor comes from further afield.

Forth Trojan (2) @ KGV 21-06-16

Today was one of those days when, on the afternoon tide, Briggs Marine and Environmental Services sent one of their Multicats, the Forth Trojan, on the long journey from Fife in Scotland down to London and she was not alone as she was towing one of their crane barges, the Forth Olympian.

Forth Trojan (10) @ KGV 21-06-16

Forth Trojan (13) @ KGV 21-06-16

Forth Trojan (18) @ KGV 21-06-16

For the final leg of the journey S. Walsh & Sons Ltd provided their tug SWS Breda to act as rear guide to help maneuver the crane barge up the Thames and in to the KGV lock.

SWS Breda  (5) @ KGV 21-06-16

The SWS Breda had to work quite hard to make sure the crane barge made it safely in to the lock as there wasn’t that much room to spare due to another boat already being in the lock.

SWS Breda  (7) @ KGV 21-06-16

Whilst the crew of the Forth Trojan were waiting they did a bit of plane spotting.

Forth Trojan (33) @ KGV 21-06-16

The crane barge will be working on the Thames Tideway Tunnel project at Blackfriars helping to construct the new pier. After a bit of shuffling of other boats in the lock and a slight detour via the KGV dock both Multicat and Barge are now moored in the KGV lock (SWS Breda having been released from duty).

Forth Trojan (41) @ KGV 21-06-16

Forth Trojan (52) @ KGV 21-06-16

Updated 27th June 2016

Having spent several days in the KGV Lock during which time Livett’s pontoon Dart was brought in to act as jib support and the actual crane jib itself was attached to the crane the crane barge has now moved to its worksite.

SWS Breda (2) @ KGV Lock 27-06-16

The Forth Trojan left with Forth Olympian early Monday morning assisted by S Walsh’s tugs SWS Breda and making it’s operational debut the SWS Suffolk.

SWS Breda + SWS Suffolk (4) @ KGV Lock 27-06-16

SWS Suffolk (1) @ KGV Lock 27-06-16

A video of the departure from the KGV lock can be seen here:

The trio then headed up the river Thames to Blackfriars to work on the Tideway Tunnel project (more details here).

Forth Trojan (6) @ KGV Lock 27-06-16

A few more pictures can be seen here.


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