It has been a while since the last PR promo event set-up job took place in the Royal Docks but the latest one has been something really big.

As part of the promotion of their #BeTheFastest campaign Virgin Media decided that they wanted to do a video presentation on the river Thames and so asked Livett’s Group to help make it happen.

They wanted a really big screen and so a 100m long pontoon was constructed in the KGV Lock and then a LCD display screen was built on top of that along with generators and supporting equipment.

Big screen (2)

The build took 3 days and involved tonnes of equipment and large teams of people from a number of event management companies – the KGV lock providing an ideal place for such activity.

Big screen (1)

Livett’s provided both of their new pusher-tugs, Felix and Christian, to tow the display and workboat Alfie as safety boat.

Felix + Christian + Alfie (1) @ KGV Lock 04-07-16

With any such activity it is always a good idea to test that everything works and so on evening before the big reveal the tugs took the display to the KGV Dock and ran a test – this involved lots of light and a low flying helicopter and so attracted quite a bit of attention!

Virgin Media promo test (2) @ KGV 04-07-16

Virgin Media promo test (14) @ KGV 04-07-16

A short clip of part of the test can be seen by clicking here.

Once the test was completed the screen was moved back to the lock ready for its trip up river.

Virgin Media promo test (18) @ KGV 04-07-16

Virgin Media promo test (23) @ KGV 04-07-16

Due to the nature of the placement of the screen the message can only really be seen from above – presumably the reason why the event is taking place on the Thames near the London Eye.

Virgin Media promo test (16) @ KGV 04-07-16

Update: The two tugs and the pontoon have now headed off down the Thames.

Felix (1) @ KGV Lock 05-07-16
This video shows them leaving the KGV lock.

Felix + Christian (2) @ Gallions Reach 05-07-16

A few more pictures can be seen here.


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