A walk on the air-side (@ LCY)

London City Airport is an impossible to miss feature in the landscape of the Royal Docks area of East London and in 2017 it is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary of opening at the site in the London Borough of Newham.

G-LCYU (3) @ LCY 24-02-17

Throughout this period there have been many changes and developments to the overall airport and especially the passenger terminal and there are plans for yet more developments to come. These include a further extension to the Eastern apron to accommodate the next generation of quieter, more fuel efficient, aircraft to expand the range of destinations served from the airport.

Sitting on the apron this morning was one of the two A318 “Baby Bus” aircraft used on the London – New York route.

G-EUNA (1) @ LCY 24-02-17

As part of the airport’s on going programme of community engagement (alongside the setting up of a new community Facebook page) an offer was extended to local residents to come and have a look at their new £16m western pier development.

One of the many advantages of the large picture windows in the gate area is that it provides a great place to watch the workings of the airport and to see the planes come and go – this video show a BA Cityfler E170 taxing off stand to head to the runway.

Many thanks to Aaron for arranging the visit and his time on the day for what was an enjoyable and interesting visit that provided the chance to understand how the airport operates and what it hopes to achieve for the future.

G-LCYU (2) @ LCY 24-02-17


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