Cargo operations return to London’s Royal Docks

Whilst it might be a shadow of the glory days of the Docks the sight of a ship unloading cargo in London’s Royal Docks is something of a treat these days.

Haringvliet (8) @ KGV Lock 29-03-17

It also acts as a powerful reminder that the water space of the river and Docks are meant to be working assets that help London grow and develop whilst reducing the amount of vehicles on London’s roads.

Haringvliet (9) @ KGV Lock 29-03-17

So, when Hartel Shipping‘s cargo ship Haringvliet arrived overnight for a 24 hour stay to unload some cargo it provided a good reminder of what the Docks are designed to do but also reminds us that it is all too infrequently used for such a purpose – given the last such visit was nearly three years ago!

Haringvliet (3) @ KGV Lock 29-03-17

It seems that the current project involves the delivery of steel pipework as part of the Thames Tideway tunnel project on behalf of BMB JV (a Balfour Beatty, BAM Nuttall and Morgan Sindall joint venture).

Haringvliet (10) @ KGV Lock 29-03-17

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very kind for this visit so hopefuly there will be others in better weather but even if not it was good to see life in the Docks even if just for one day….


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