Ships in the KGV lock

The King George V (KGV) Lock is at the Eastern end of the Royal Docks complex and is the only remaining large vessel access point to the Docks.

The KGV Lock is used as a transit point to other areas of the docks – mostly for ships visiting various events at the Excel exhibition centre.

The Lock itself is also used as a safe mooring location for maintenance work on boats, event preparation activities (the Olympic Rings were constructed here) and more recently for cargo operations.

The benefits of the Lock over the Thames are that it is non tidal and isn’t subject to the wake of passing boats – it is also a quieter part of London allowing work to be undertaken without too much of an audience (at least until I moved in next door!!).

The following photos show the variety vessels that have been in or through the Lock — but there are many other types beside these,

More pictures can be seen on my Flickr pages.


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