Lookout – Events & Visitors

The following are planned ship related events or visitors in and around the #dlr_blog area of interest:

Current and expected visitors
Vessel Name Arr. Dep. Mooring
🚢 Sider Colombia 14/08/17 am 18/08/17 am Thames Refinery
⛵️ TS Royalist 16/08/17 pm 20/08/17 pm HMS President
🚢 Western Miami 21/08/17 am Unknown Thames Refinery
🚢 Silver Wind 24/08/17 am 25/08/17 am HMS Belfast
🚢 MY Hampshire  25/08/17 pm Unknown  HMS Belfast

All visitors and/or timings subject to change – E&OE.

3 thoughts on “Lookout – Events & Visitors

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    1. AJBC Post author

      Hi Roger, unfortunately it didn’t visit this morning as it headed back out in to the North Sea.

      Hopefully it will return for a visit as it is a new ship.

      I’ll post something here if I see it is heading back this way.


  2. Roger Wilkinson

    Hi, Andrew,
    Did the Dutch dredger Spauwer actually visit Murphy’s wharf ?
    or did it simply remain off Shoeburyness ?

    Best Regards,


    Liked by 1 person


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